Monday, June 16, 2008

Toronto International Tango Festival OR International Toronto Tango Festival OR Tango International Toronto Festival?*

Sorry folks, I know we had one (or all of them) here in Toronto over the past weekend, but we can't give you a review of it here. We didn't go.

But I'm sure that lots of people from Toronto and around the world who did had a truly lovely time hanging with people with exactly the same interests as themselves!

Saw some videos of the performances on YouTube though. Was disappointed that Maestro Alex Kreb had abandoned his trendy signature black beret. Was only slightly compensated by the fact that he still retains vestiges of his flappy black tango slacks.

I know you must be all quite upset at the absence of a proper review, please let me make it up to you with this amazing photo of Cirque du Soleil!

* Ah! I see. They have dropped the "International". The correct name of the festival this year is "Toronto Tango Festival".

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