Saturday, July 29, 2017

Summertime...don't want to think about Tango...

...Let alone write about it or dance it!

A local tanguero I was dancing with last week at one of the hottest milongas in town* laughed when we finished the tanda. 

"When you detached your head from my head, strands of your sweaty hair unstuck themselves from my face!"

* Meaning: No air conditioning

Gross.  But that's how it is in the summer.  Mozzarella hair and sweaty armpits for the ladies, soaked shirts and dripping faces for the gents. 

I took three days off from work.  Tried to go out during the day, but gave up and went home to air conditioning after only a few hours because it was just too hot.

Went to the milonga.  The music was fantastic, the atmosphere was good - but didn't want to dance.  Especially not milonga.  Did not want to do any fast movements, complex movements, or even stand still and pause.  Felt completely zapped.

Man Yung still filled with energy.  "Let's do this and that move from Youtube!"  Or:  "Why don't you analyze Tango based on our experiences of eating ethnic food from mom and pop run restaurants versus ethnic food from large multi-million dollar franchise establishments!"

Ha ha!  Maybe in September.  Right now is a good time to run naked on a lawn through a sprinkler. 

Don't want to be one with Tango partner, Tango music or the Universe.  It's too frigging hot.  1 + 1 equals go ahead, you go boogie on as much as you want while I sit here in the shade with a beer.
I may consider becoming one with the freezer compartment of my fridge.  Or perhaps a chilled watermelon.*

* "Irene!" exclaimed Man Yung. "You are so whinypants.  It's not even THAT hot.  We are having one of the coldest wettest summers on record!"  

"You're right!" I exclaimed back.  "I'm just using the magic of blog writing to avoid having to write about any challenging Tango topics."

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