Thursday, June 12, 2008

Correction on "Gazebo Dancing"

Janis Kenyon, well-known tango writer and blogger and expert on the milongas and milongueros of Buenos Aires, was kind enough to correct me on some of the statements I made in the previous post about arranging a playlist:


There is nothing wrong with a tanda of two instrumentals and two vocals of the same orchestra from the same period. This is the way it was in the 1950s in downtown Buenos Aires according to milonguero Miguel Angel "Pepino" Balbi, singer with Milonguisimo. He also told me that the man in charge of changing the 78rpm records would announce before each tanda: Vamos a bailar a Troilo con Fiorentino and then name the titles. That's how everyone learned what music they were dancing to if they didn't know it already listening to the radio.

One of the advantages of writing this blog is the opportunity to find out what the experts know. This information will be helpful for me to arrange my playlists - and to anyone else trying to arrange a playlist who is reading this blog. Thanks Janis!

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