Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last Friday night's milonga was an interesting experience. It was like being invited to a sumptuous buffet with fine music, beautiful decor, great friendly service, and a long serving table with a bountiful cornucopia of exquisitely presented dishes.

However, between the lobster salad and the roast beef au jus, somebody has sneakily introduced menu items like "Aioli skunk tail tartare", "Roquefort mayonnaise gravel salad ", "Lemongrass satay lizard entrail kebabs" and "Strawberry and balsamic vinegar possum Crème brûlée". All beautifully presented on fine china and very clearly labeled.

So what do you do when the horror of it all strikes you, the room starts to spin and you start to hallucinate that the "Haas avocado mint and newt toes gazpacho" is talking to you and saying "MEEEZZZZ IREEEN, I EM DELIZZZZZIOUZZZZ, PLEEEEZZ EEEEETTTTT MEEEEEE?"

I have eyes and I have read the labels. Do you think I want to risk indigestion, nausea or worse? I think I'll use my better judgment, politely decline and say "NO, THANK YOU".

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