Monday, February 22, 2016

More Adela and Gaston

As promised - here are more videos of the very talented Adela Galeazzi and her son Gaston Pumar:

First up is a video of Gaston dancing with Adela's good friend and wonderful milonguera Elba Biscay.  It's another lovely example of social dancing.  Elba dances in her own style, different from Adela, but just like Adela she has wonderful musicality, embrace, and entrega:

(If you've read our blog or admire the dancing of our teacher Alberto Dassieu, you may remember Elba's extraordinary dancing from this video.)

And here's another of Adela and Gaston dancing an energetic Biagi vals:

Last but not least, here's a video of Adela dancing milonga with Jorge Kero at a private party.  Adela unleashes all her footwork fireworks!

Sometimes when the music is good, the chemistry is right and the dancing is smooth, we feel as dynamite as the way Adela and Elba and Gaston look as they are dancing in these videos.  Kind of like flying!....

....Of course, we may feel great but the truth is we probably look more like we are flapping like pigeons caught in a net.  Oh well.  At least we have some great examples to look up to.  More practice required!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Adela Galeazzi and Gaston Pumar Vals and Tango

We received an email from Adela last week - she wanted to share some recent videos of her dancing with her son Gaston.

We had actually come across some of the videos on Youtube a few weeks ago, and we we were wondering who the handsome young gentleman was dancing with Adela.  Adela is one of the best (if not the best), most talented milongueras in Buenos Aires, she doesn't dance with just anybody.  Man Yung was very jealous and started crying. 

Joking!  When we watched the videos, we were impressed by the young gentleman's embrace, musicality and very milonguero style of dancing.  It was shocking to learn from Adela's email that in fact Gaston is her son! 

"But Adela looks so young, no way can she have a grown up son!" said Man Yung.

Not only does Adela have a grown up son, she has a grown up son who DANCES LIKE A DREAM.   Everyone should take notes from Gaston and Adela's dancing on how to dance musically, smoothly, with lovely embraces and excellent floorcraft - how to dance very milonguero milonguero.

Here's two videos, one of Adela and Gaston dancing Vals  at La Nacional, and another of them dancing Tango at home.  We'll post a video of Gaston dancing with another extraordinary milonguera and Adela's good friend Elba Biscay in the next post!  Enjoy.


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