Sunday, June 8, 2008

CaMiCando Report

My article on the Camicando festival 2008 has just been published on the Paradiso website here.*

This is a video of the Canyengue performance of Adrian and Roxina, direct students of Martha and Manolo, at the closing milonga of the festival at La Baldosa:

And here's a video of Martha and Manolo's Milonga performance to Lomuto's "Parque Patricios" (Man Yung and I have loved this milonga since we saw Manolo performing to it in his "Bridge to Tango" instruction video. It is quirky but nostalgic and melancholic at the same time) at the MoCCA anniversary party this year:

* Thanks to my editor Patricia Katz who puts up with my erratically timed submissions, implausible grammatical errors and gratuitous use of the word "fun". I must bribe her with homemade ice cream one day.

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