Thursday, June 18, 2009

Zero Percent Recall - The Postscript

It's the weekend again at the best milonga in town. As they say, "the joint is rockin'" and the "music is hoppin'". My favourite Di Sarli starts playing - Man Yung and I get up to do a little test drive on the 'ronda.

But something's up with Man Yung. Missed cadences. Weird moments of pushing n' pulling. Strange flappy up and down leading arms. It's a miracle that I can keep my balance and dance so well!

"What's wrong with you?" Man Yung asks. "You're so heavy and your wrists are all loose. I can't lead you at all!"

HEY, WAIT A MOMENT. I'm pretty sure my dancing is grade A++ excellent tonight. A short recap:

- I'm not dancing in outrageously (or even moderately) high Comme Il Fauts: CHECK
- I'm not thinking about doing adornments: CHECK
- I'm not thinking about NOT doing adornments: CHECK
- I'm not even thinking about Wal-Mart (Yippee! We've already got enough toilet paper to last for the next six months!): CHECK
- Stiletto heels are on the floor and not hovering in pre-gouging/stomping mid-air positions: CHECK
- Smooth long back steps: CHECK
- Nice round giros: CHECK
- Strong responsive frame: CHECK

I look at Man Yung suspiciously. "Hey man, from my quick assessment, I'm dancing pretty damn good. What are you complaining about?"

"Nice checklist you have there," said Man Yung. "You are obviously quite busy with your doctorate thesis on 'how well you are dancing' ........ rather than ACTUALLY DANCING."

I should have known better. In IreneandManYung World, the sun is always shining, the whisky flows freely, Man Yung always knows best..... and for Irene the Tango follower, it is always LOSE-LOSE!*

* As Man Yung always says: "You have to learn how to LOSE before you can WIN."**
** By that logic, I'm definitely a WINNER!

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