Wednesday, September 3, 2008

So, what does Irene think about when she dances?

I used to think about what adornments I could do at every given moment. Now I think about not doing any adornments.

I think about whether the current music is any good, and what should be played to make the tanda better. I'm also on the lookout for anything that might inspire a blog post. I'm also looking at the door to see whether any friends/strangers/regulars have shown up.

I am also wondering if the "Four-Directions Bumper-Car ride" leader will crash into us and cause Man Yung to start a fight. Or I'm rolling my eyes at Man Yung's crazy moves and thinking that he dances funny.

I'm worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. I'm thinking about how long I will be able to dance without my feet hurting.

If it's Friday night, I'm thinking of what I'm going to do on Saturday morning (usually involving a trip to Wal-Mart). If it's Saturday night, I'm thinking about what to do on Sunday morning (usually involving a trip to the Supermarket). I am often contemplating ice cream flavours.

Sometimes I'm thinking about the funny joke I just heard while chatting with my tango friends. Perhaps I may be still giggling over the joke. Once I couldn't stop snorting with laughter while dancing with a certain distinguished older gentleman. I had to disguise it as coughing/choking/gagging, because it wouldn't be pleasant for the said gentleman to think I was laughing at him.

The only things I don't think about are 1) Winning the Campeonato, 2) Tango Blog World Domination or 3) Actual World Domination.

In fact, I've actually evolved to a point in which I can appear to be dancing but in reality I'm totally and utterly absent!

Following my example is not recommended.

Please follow Ofelia's example instead:

One final note: Entrega in Tango can be achieved in any embrace.


jantango said...

You forgot to include how you are thinking about the next tanda while dancing. After all, what if no one asks you? You will have to sit for ten minutes. Perish the thought! So you are looking around while dancing to see who you can wink or smile at and hope that someone notices the new dress and shoes you are wearing as insurance for dancing every tanda. It's all about quantity, not quality, isn't it?

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Janis,

You have given me more food for "thought" during my next dance. I must find ways to make myself more ostentatious at the milonga, especially in Buenos Aires where no-one knows my name. Would loud high-pitched flirtatious squeals be a good idea? And who needs a new dress, when one can just show up at the milonga in underwear?

Must remember to practice my "dance ecstasy" face the next time I'm dancing. Mmmmmmmm....

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