Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oscar Hector and Teresita Brandon

Just saw this wonderful video of Oscar Hector performing with Teresita Brandon, his partner from the show "Milonguisimo" on Youtube. Oscar Hector is the the producer and a performer of "Milonguisimo" and other tango shows showcasing dancing by milongueros and also the organizer of the long-running milonga on Saturday nights at Glorias Argentinas and the great huge milonga at Salon Sur on Thursday nights. It seems to use that Oscar Hector is involved in a million tango events all at once - we don't know how he gets the energy! And he has been at it for DECADES. If you watch some of the tango videos of the older generation of tango greats available on Youtube like Lampazo and Carmencita Calderon, you will find that they are performing at Glorias Argentinas - and that Oscar Hector is the emcee!

Oscar Hector is a great host and we always get a warm welcome when we go to his milonga at Glorias Argentinas. In fact, our earliest encounter with him was the first day we arrived in Buenos Aires. It was Irene's first telephone conversation in Spanish with someone other than Martha and Manolo - and believe me, Irene's Spanish was not so great, but Oscar Hector very patiently spent five minutes giving us detailed directions on how to get to Glorias Argentinas way out there in Mataderos. Not that Irene was able to understand or retain any of the directions - all she could muster was "Si.... si.... claro.... si" - because if we actually let on that we had no clue what was being said, Oscar Hector would spend the next HALF HOUR explaining how to get to his milonga, that was how nice he was.

Glorias Argentinas is our home away from home. It was there that we met Oscar Hector, and of course our teacher Alberto Dassieu; it's where we crashed Elba Biscay's birthday party, and where Irene danced with Ruben Harymbat without having a clue who he was; it's where Man Yung won the lucky draw for 100 pesos towards a pair of shows at Artesanaal; it's where we saw Martha dance swing with Oscar Hector (and very good they were too - Oscar Hector is famous for his swing dancing, which he also teaches). Everytime we're in Buenos Aires and it's Saturday night, we head on right over to Glorias Argentinas - we have an appointment to keep with Oscar Hector and all the wonderful people at his milonga.


Anonymous said...


You and Oscar Hector have a lot in cocmmon. Both of you have upteen things going at once while you look for more to add to your busy schedules. You have a thing for five-year plans.

Oscar Hector (68 in April) directs Milonguisimo (five years running); hosts afternoon milongas in Salon Sur in Pompeya on Thursdays and Sundays; hosts a Saturday morning tango program on AM Radio, organizes special events for his Saturday night dances at Club Glorias Argentinas in Mataderos, and teaches classes with Teresita Brandon in Boedo. Oscar has organized milongas longer than anyone in BsAs--he began in 1963. He knows everyone who dances. He always manages to find time for a few dances with me at his milonga.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Janis,

Watching Oscar Hector dance with you at Glorias Argentinas was a treat! You are both lovely dancers.


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