Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I just got an email today that reminded me of one particular creep I had the misfortune to encounter back in my early tango days. I looked up "Creep" on google images - got this cartoon - and my sentiments EXACTLY.

Ladies, if you know a particular leader is a creep, please point them out to other followers, especially newbies, so they can avoid dancing with them. Too many followers are either too nice to say no or, if inexperienced, unsure of what is appropriate behavior from the leader in the dance. Your kind knowledgeable advice will also help beginning followers gauge what is acceptable and not acceptable from a leader on or off the dance floor.

Tango is an intimate dance, but certain lines should not be crossed. No-one deserves to be harassed, molested or otherwise victimized by the tiny minority of leaders who are predatory. Luckily, Tango communities are small - so please spread the word.

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