Friday, December 23, 2011

Adela Galeazzi and Ricardo Suarez - Milonga Vieja Milonga at Centro Region Leonesa

A lovely video of Adela performing a milonga traspie with Ricardo Suarez at Centro Region Leonesa - on the occasion of Ricardo's birthday!

We are mesmerized by Ricardo's musicality, Adela's soft, relaxed footwork...and Adela's flowing white skirt!

"Flowing skirts and dresses look the best on dancing ladies," said Man Yung.  "The fabric twirls around and enhances the movement of the dance.  This skirt looks gorgeous on Adela when she is dancing milonga!  The skirt is very classic, makes the figure look great, and moves so well."

Then Man Yung started to reminisce excitedly about skirts and kept on talking about "bubbles" patterns ("Not checkered, not stripes!") and even drew me a picture!

A quick Google search and I finally found out what he meant was the vintage 50's polka dot circle skirts:

"Imagine walking into Sin Rumbo, with its black and white tile floors, wearing one of  these beautiful polka dot skirts - all eyes will be on you!  And you must dance to Di Sarli, not Pugliese!  All milongueros will be asking you to dance because you remind them of the good old days.  However, one thing you have to be careful about - your tanguero partner can't wear a hat.  If the tanguero is wearing a hat, it would look like he is trying too hard.  Can you imagine Portalea in Sin Rumbo dancing with a hat on?  No way!"

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Tango Salon Adelaide said...

Thanks for highlighting this lovely milonga and drawing attention to the Tangotradicional Youtube channel. What a treat!

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