Sunday, September 4, 2011


End of the evening at one of Toronto's lively weekend milongas.  There I was, minding my own business (and playing Siege Hero) while waiting for Man Yung to finish dancing one last tanda with one of the lovely single Toronto Tangueras, when local friendly Tanguero comes walking all the way over from the other end of the room to ask me to dance.  Again.

I thought I was looking intently at my iPhone screen - I'm pretty sure that I didn't look up.  Not even once.  In fifteen minutes.  To cabeceo ANYBODY.  But here comes the hopeful invite anyway.

The answer: No.

"Come on, Irene," pleaded the aforesaid "friendly" Tanguero, "It'll be fun!"

You don't have to have psychic powers to predict my response with 100% accuracy - STILL NO.

The regretful incident is over, but the question still lingers in my mind...Fun?  For whom exactly?

When Man Yung and I first decided to take tango classes, the only goal we had in mind was to have something fun to do together on the weekends.   And eight years later, it still holds true - tango is most fun when we dance together.

We have observed that many tangueros and tangueras like to dance with other people - often even more than with their own partner!  They may even sit apart at the milonga to advertise their availability.  There's nothing wrong with that - the social aspect is deeply ingrained in tango culture.  I'm glad that the option of dancing with different people makes dancers of Tango happy - I'm sure that we all love our own partners to bits but sometimes a break is nice!

For those who like to dance with other people - I respect your choice.  I would also like Toronto tangueros to respect my choice - which is not to dance with anybody but Man Yung.  I like it that way.  And if I change my mind, I will stop playing "Angry Birds" immediately and set my gaze like laser-guided missiles in your direction.*

* Ha ha!  NOT!  Not even if you are George Clooney. Or Alain Delon.  Or even Fabio.  Be totally jealous - for me, Man Yung is da bomb! 

Everyone says "Yes!" to Fabio!  (Except Irene)

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