Friday, July 2, 2010

Following her Heart

The past week has been an emotional one - as we all said "hasta luego" to a dear Toronto milonguera and the organizer of "La Cachila", Lorena.

Lorena is following her heart and moving to Buenos Aires to be with the man she loves. Some people would say that she was "lucky", but as we all know, it takes courage and determination to seize the day. In her goodbye speech last Sunday, Lorena was frank - she is not merely "lucky", she made it happen. She is the captain of her destiny.

"La Cachila" was a milonga that she created with help from her DJ Berenice to bring to Toronto what they both loved about Tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires. Whenever we stepped into their milonga, we were transported. Their milonga was always infused with the spirit of the cabeceo and the codigos, the joy of the chacarera, the magic of the music, and the pure emotion of the dance.

It wasn't easy - it took courage and determination, and unwavering belief in what they did. They never made any pale North American imitation to pander to the lowest denominator. And as a result, they attracted like-minded people - people with passion for Buenos Aires and its Tango - and made beautiful dancing and respect on the dance floor the standard to which all could look up to. The word spread, the dancers came - and loved what they found at "La Cachila".

We simply can't let Lorena go without leaving us some souvenirs!

Here's a video we took of Lorena dancing with Man Yung at "La Cachila" right at the very beginning of last Sunday's milonga before all the people came. Man Yung is the tango step-a-thon horror as he is always (look away, look away) but Lorena - que milonguera! Feel free to be rabidly jealous - that's how wonderful followers are in Toronto.

Man Yung and Lorena at "La Cachila"

And here's a video of an improvised Chacarera that Lorena danced with Ruben Bustamente, tango teacher and local expert in argentine folklore. Yes, you heard me correctly - improvised. Lorena had arranged for Ruben to give Chacarera lessons at "La Cachila" every first Sunday of the month, and now here in Toronto we dance a brilliant Chacarera. You can be doubly jealous - you would be hard pressed to find an improvised chacarera like this anywhere outside of Buenos Aires!

Ruben and Lorena - Chacarera at "La Cachila"

Dear Lorena: Thank you for your warmth and your good humour (she didn't mind at all Man Yung's lame jokes and flirting!) and of course, for dancing with Man Yung! Thank you for "La Cachila", and all the wonderful times we had there. We miss you already.

All the best to you and may your new life in Buenos Aires be filled with joy and love - and Tango!

(And see you in October. You thought you would be able to get rid of us and our terrible jokes? Not a chance ;-)

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