Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cherie and Ruben dance Chacarera at Los Consagrados, October 23, 2010

Remember back in March when we wrote about the wonderful Chacarera that Cherie and Ruben danced at Los Consagrados?  Well, we have been kicking ourselves ever since for not being able to film them!

No trip to Buenos Aires would be complete for us until we pay a visit to Cherie and Ruben - and this time we had our camera ready.  You can see for yourselves the amazing Chacarera of Cherie and Ruben - and also the beautiful hall at Centro Region Leonesa, the comraderie between the dancers and the festive and joyful atmosphere at the milonga:

Ruben Aybar and Cherie Magnus dance Chacarera at Los Consagrados, October 23, 2010

Since Los Consagrados can get pretty crowded, we didn't dare barge onto the dance floor to film Cherie and Ruben dancing their beautiful tango, vals and milonga too in a milonga setting.... Sorry folks, that's a treat you will have to experience first-hand when you go to Los Consagrados to visit Cherie and Ruben!

Thanks Cherie and Ruben for your kind hospitality and hope to see you both soon!

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Elizabeth Brinton said...

Ohh. That made me miss BA, and my friends Cherie and awful lot.

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