Monday, November 1, 2010

Adela Galeazzi - Late night at Centro Region Leonesa

We were only able to meet with Adela once during our most recent trip to Buenos Aires in Caricias.

"My broken heart!" said Man Yung.  "We were only able to dance one little tanda.... and then she introduced us to her handsome brother - but it wasn't her brother, it was her son!"

Oh well, poor Man Yung, at least you can enjoy Adela's dancing on Youtube!  We just received an email today from Adela with the links to her latest videos taken at the end of the evening at Leonesa on her birthday.  When we saw her at Caricias, Adela was wearing leopard print pants with leopard spotted Comme Il Fauts.  Here, in these videos, prepared to be amazed by Adela's feet - they have the precision of a panther's pounce, the softness of a cat's paw:

Adela Galeazzi with Santiago Cantenys

Adela Galeazzi with Roberto Fortunato

Adela Galeazzi with Pedro Salias

Note that all the men dance with great musicality - and none of them dance in the same way!  A great follower like Adela always shows off the best in all her partners no matter how they dance.  No nagging about "You've got to dance this way," or "You have to dance that way," or "What you are doing is not authentic!"

"Stop crying, Man Yung, we'll go back next year," I said to Man Yung.  "Meanwhile, if you want to watch more videos of the amazing Adela, you can always check her YouTube site for updates!"

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