Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Alice Starmore's Fulmar x 2

Just finished another Alice Starmore sweater - it's Fulmar again, but in white (Aran, natural) using yarns from our favourite guernsey yarn supplier Frangipani:

I think Fulmar (from Alice Starmore's book "Aran Knitting") is one of Alice Starmore's most timeless designs.  Man Yung already has the same sweater in Herring Girl Pink and he requested that I make him another one in white because he likes the design so much. 

Here are the two Fulmars we have photographed together.  Apparently Fulmar is some kind of seabird, but it wasn't exactly flying off my needles.  It took me two years to knit this one:

And here's Man Yung modeling the sweater:

I think knitting someone a sweater and having him/her wear it all the time so you can admire your own handiwork is even better than knitting a sweater for yourself!

Man Yung wanted a white sweater for a long time, since I knit Alice Starmore's Inishmore for myself using Jaeger Alpaca yarn.  I made Inishmore eons ago - it's still my cosy and classic choice for winter wear every year:

Alice Starmore's Inishmore from her book "Fishermen's Sweaters", 
paired with the pink Fulmar again... Can anyone spot the two mistakes in the cables? 

Haven't gone anything lined up yet for my next knitting project.  It feels weird not to have anything on the knitting needles!  We're just enjoying the sweaters we have for the time being - a good feeling to have, not wanting anything or rushing towards any goal in particular.

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