Friday, May 27, 2011


I'm a big fan of Lululemon - for Tango.  Ever since our second ever Camicando festival, I have been wearing their wonderful, breathable, moisture-wicking tanks for classes, practicas, and just plain dancing.  I am especially grateful now that summer is coming - because nothing is quite as gross as 35 degree weather, a packed dance hall with no air conditioning... and having to dance milonga with a hot (literally) Man Yung drenched in his sweat and the sweat of every other body he has danced with (ewwww).

But being a fan does not mean I am not critical of some of the things Lulu comes up with.  Man Yung and I were cooking dinner last night when I started complaining.

"Lululemon has come up with a new biking line - biking shorts, biking jerseys, stuff like that.  They put strategic reflective strips all over the clothes - so that, you know, the wearers will be more visible on the road."  I paused dramatically, pepper grinder in hand.  "What I don't get is - and this really bugs me - why would Lululemon design and sell a sports bra with the same strategic reflective strips?  Not only do the strips make the bra bulky, but what would be the point?  I don't think drivers are going to see anything if you put a half-decent shirt on over the bra.  Or is it a new, global-warming trend - people going out biking in just their bras?"

 Lululemon's Illuminate Bra - visible under headlights in the dark. 
Am I missing something here?

Man Yung was supposed to be stir-frying chinese broccoli but you could tell he was already enraptured.  "Reflective strips on bras - what a great idea!" he said.  "Not only would I be able to protect my chest from being dented by well-endowed ladies wanting to dance in extreme close embrace - people will stop bumping into me on the dance floor under low light conditions!  Finally, safety gear for tangueros - win, win!"* **

*   Sorry, Man Yung - some of Toronto's pathological navigational disasters will not be deterred even if you were dressed head-to-toe in reflective, ballistic nylon, with a great big flashing neon sign over your head saying "Bump into me again and I will whoop your a**"

**  That being said - I predict that Toronto's crazy tango leaders will stop bumping into you if you wear one of these Illuminate babies over your polo shirts.  But not for the reasons that you would think. 

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