Sunday, July 12, 2015


Danced a tanda with one of our Toronto Tango buddies lately.  Such a blast to chat with.   We spend more time talking and joking than dancing, it is terrible.

After the tanda, our buddy remarked, "Wow, that was a good tanda!  I think you listen to the music exactly the same way that I do!"

I had to correct him.  "No, we don't.  My job as a follower is to follow no matter what you lead.  This includes whatever which way you are interpreting the music.  Now, you were doing a pretty good job with the music in the last 30 seconds....but the rest of it was all crap!"

He wasn't offended at all and we both guffawed heartily.  The man has self-confidence like a rock and could take a little bit of kidding around.


Asked a local Argentinian follower my favourite question to ask these days.

"Why do Argentinians easily have the "It" in Tango, and how can I develop more of "It" in my dancing?"

My Argentinian friend is so kind.  "But it's not just Argentinians that have the "It".  You for example - when I was watching you dance with Man Yung earlier, I saw you had the "It".  It wasn't just the way you moved your feet, but your expression.  When I saw your face, I could feel that you had the "It" of Tango!"

"Oh really?" I said.  "But during that tanda, I was not happy at all.  I was super annoyed at Man Yung for digging his right hand into my ribs and I kept on shifting around trying to shake off his grip of doom.  After the tanda, we had an argument!"


Saw Man Yung dancing with a lady I haven't seen before at the recent festival.  Looked like they were having a great time - laughing and smiling from all the way across the room.  When he was leading her back to her seat, I even distinctly heard, "Wow, you listen to the music exactly the same way that I do!"

I act all cool when Man Yung comes back to our table.  "So, how was dancing with that lady over there?"

Man Yung also acts all cool.  "She is a very nice lady.  Oh - the dancing?  It was pretty good.  Okay."


Just finished a tanda with a local leader.  Man Yung acts all cool when I return to the table.

"Oh, there you are.  How was dancing with so-and-so?" he asks.  "Looked like you were really enjoying yourself."

I also act all cool.  "Okay.  Whatever."  I unwrap a chocolate truffle and offer it to Man Yung  "Want one?"

In fact, it was totally amazing.  Shhhhhhhh!

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