Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feliz Cumpleaños Osvaldo!

Today is Osvaldo's birthday!  We just called him to wish him all the best on his birthday.  Not only will he celebrate his birthday with his humongous family - he and Coca has so many children and grandchildren we have lost count - we're sure that the whole week long he will be celebrating with his friends at the milongas too.  We wish we were there to celebrate with him, but we are stuck in cold wintery Toronto (actually, not too bad, we have above zero temperatures and the snow is melting!) 

Here is Osvaldo participating in a birthday dance at Sin Rumbo (now run by Natacha Poberaj and Julio Medrano) - oh no, not his own "birthday dance", he is helping someone else celebrate their birthday:

"Hey guys - someone has to take over.  This is a birthday dance - not a performance!"

We're pretty sure that he will have a lot of birthday dances everywhere he goes - ladies, we know you may be excited to dance with him but don't be like a truck with square wheels or try to choke him with your embrace!  

Since we were talking about Zamba last time, and we mentioned that Osvaldo really enjoys watching the Zamba - well, here's proof!  Here is Osvaldo (in the check shirt standing at the wall - look how his whole attention is focused on the performance) watching Natacha dance a Zamba with Carlos Rivarola on the same night:

Natacha is always a lovely dancer of Zamba - she conveys the right note of innocence, vitality and seductiveness - and this performance with Carlos Rivarola is pretty riveting.

Happy Birthday Osvaldo!  Have a great time celebrating, and we wish you the best of health, happiness, and wonderful tangos (and zambas) all year!

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