Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Secreto"?...or not a "Secreto"

We've arrived in Buenos Aires!  How excited we are!  If we were four years younger and had more energy we'd be rushing around town already.  Since we are no longer young or energetic, once we arrived we just went to sleep.*

* Man Yung wanted to say "bed" instead just to be ambiguous, but who are we kidding?

We're going to be too busy to post anything interesting [what, have we ever posted anything interesting?  Again, we must be pulling someone's leg] so we are just going to post videos of US, like how the tv channels in the U.K. used to post a video of a girl sitting smiling for hours and hours (and they made her actually sit still all that time, instead of using a loop or a freeze frame - the sadists!) just because they didn't have any programming to fill in the dead space (at least that's what I remember happening when I was four - or was I hallucinating?).

So with a big hug to Jessie and Dorian in Vancouver (the nicest people ever - we had a lovely time with them when they came to Toronto), here's a video of us during our last practice at Mad for Dance studios - dancing to a track that Jessie emailed to me right away after she returned to Vancouver, just because I mentioned we didn't have it!

Irene and Man Yung dancing to Orquesta Tipica Victor's "Secreto" - Avert your eyes!

Dear Jessie and Dorian, we know that posting this video on our blog as a way to thank you for sending us the music is probably not a good idea. You may have been expecting instead a meal at a fancy restaurant, or perhaps a nice gift, but alas, we must confess we are cheapskates!  The only consolation you may have is this: at least this is not REGIFT (because we are kind of famous for that too).

** The big white tension bandage around my knee is not a fashion statement.  It is because I twisted my knee.  Man Yung would like to say "while romping athletically at home, wink wink" but I will not mislead you, it is a month long TANGO INJURY.  Just a little "New Tango" (Man Yung, stop it already with the volcadas and colgadas!) will do that to an old person - time will make little hunched over milonguero-style dancers out of everyone, I guarantee it!

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jessiechung said...

Dear Irene and Man Yung,

We got emotional to see you dance to Secreto. So much emotion and smooth like butter. Osvaldo and Coca will be very pleased to see this video. Leave the good meal till next time when we are in Toronto. Have a good time in BA and shoot as many videos at the milongas as you can, please.

Jessie and Dorian

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