Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interview with Alberto Dassieu on Practimilonguero

Our good friend and teacher Maestro Alberto Dassieu has just been interviewed by the Practimilonguero group!

Listening to Alberto talk brings the era of his tango to life.  Enjoy!  For more information on Alberto, here's the link to an interview we did with Alberto a while back, and here's another link to a translation our friend did of some of Alberto's life history. 

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Anonymous said...

I've viewed the interview twice because it's excellent and long enough to give him the opportunity to tell his story. I don't know Alberto personally and have never danced with him, but the interview felt like we were sitting across the table from one another having a conversation. I hope his sets the standard from now on for future interviews as far as length and content with fewer interruptions. The translation is acceptable, but I preferred listening to him rather than reading.

If Alberto and the other milongueros were giving this presentation at a festival in BsAs or on tour in the USA, they would be paid for it. Yes, they love to share their experiences, but what these milongueros have to give is valuable to social dancers everywhere. If they don't pass on what they know, it will be lost forever when they are gone.

Alberto has traveled to Canada, the US and Europe to teach. He is paid when he teaches. His interview was another form of teaching students who may never get the opportunity to meet him. Alberto wasn't paid for the interview which is certainly benefitting Monica Paz.

Monica teaches tango to high school students. She travels to teach adults abroad and is paid for it. I don't understand why the milongueros aren't paid for their work. Let's face it -- Monica is getting a high profile in the tango world from these interviews and dancing with every milonguero.

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