Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Splogged!! (Or Splegged, or Splagged - not sure what the exact terminology is)

Googling our own blog today (yes, we need to get a life), we discovered that we had been splagged - or is it splogged?

We are indeed very ignorant about what this is, so let us describe the scenario: we discovered another blog on Google's blogger which had copied all our posts, word from word, since our first post in 2008 and all the way up to our posts of May, 2011.  Word for word. 

Couldn't fanthom why anyone would want to do that.

Are they doing this to attract traffic to their blog so that they can get money out of this traffic?  How odd - considering around five people read this blog regularly, and over 50% of them are called Irene or Man Yung.

Are they doing this to gain universal adoration? Doubtful - they're more likely to get universal indifference. And then again, there's the fear of accidentally stumbling across examples of Irene and Man Yung dancing - and immediately losing one's lunch.

Maybe it's a plot by the central Chinese Communist government - we haven't exactly been lavishing praises on that particular totalitarian regime.  I mean, didn't the Chinese pirate the Harry Potter sequels within twenty-four hours after publication, by taking "The Hobbit", changing all the names inside and slapping a picture of a guy in glasses waving a wand on the cover?  This is kind of like this, except they've taken all our content and tried to pass it to the general public as a "Tango Blog". Smart!

Well, the flagrant splogging (or splagging) has left us scratching our heads.  Whatever their motivations, we can say this - better to stick to reading the original!  Here, in the one and only "Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog", rest assured - we won't sucker you into clicking onto malware or viruses - who knows about that other site?  The worst you'll find are non-contagious gentle cooties of the tango kind, easily eradicated by thorough hand-washing or a bottle of germ gel!

** Man Yung raised a very good point - could it be that Man Yung has another Tango girlfriend and they are setting up their own blog together using all the content from this blog?  Has anyone seen this lady?  I swear I was keeping my eye on Man Yung all the time - even when I was playing Angry Birds at the milonga.  Mysterious.


Tangocommuter said...

Proof of the decoherence approach to interpreting quantum theory, strongly suggesting the many-worlds interpretation. There are parallel universes out there! There's one where Irene and another Man Yung dance salsa in Miami! In another, another Irene writes a tango blog about her adventures in nuevo. So you found your mirror images... spooky! I just hope I'm leaving this comment to the right Irene and Man Yung.

& do let me know if you come across Tangocommuter's double... But then, maybe I'm Tangocommuter's double...

The only thing you can be sure of is that it's not the Chinese government: they wouldn't want you once, let alone twice!

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Tangocommuter,

Odd, Man Yung always give me the same explanation that you are proposing about parallel universes when I catch him with yet another new girlfriend. It's so logical I have to let him off!

Thanks for walking us through this one!

Irene the Doppleganger

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