Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Job, Mr. Toronto Police Officer!

 Canada Geese

Spring has arrived - which means that flocks of Canada Geese can be found everywhere in Toronto, diligently raising their young hatchlings. So cute! Although much geese poop everywhere.

There's not a lot of wild open spaces here in the city, so the geese have to co-exist with people.  This means that the geese are not only in the parks - they are also in the little patches of grass next to pedestrian walkways, on the walkways themselves, and even on the roads. The geese are often seen crossing the said roads - and sometimes even busy six-lane highways - with all their young following obediently in a row.  Our hearts stop whenever we see this, because it is so dangerous.  Luckily, most cars stop and patiently wait for the whole line to waddle across to safety.

However - and this really PISSES US OFF - some monsters actually accelerate and charge right into the geese flock, INTENT ON RUNNING SOME OF THE BIRDS OVER.  A lot of times they even succeed.

We were taking a stroll in the neighbourhood yesterday evening when we encountered some geese crossing a busy street.  The cars were whizzing by. A few stopped, but one or two did not and verged on geese murder - a few of the geese had to shuffle a little faster to avoid death-by-wheels.

About twenty meters away, a police car was parked - a speed trap.

The police officer saw what was going on with the geese.  He dropped his radar gun, and drove up to the geese line-up with lights flashing.  All traffic had to stop - the police car was right in the middle of the lanes.

When all geese and goslings were safely on the other side, the police officer made a U-Turn - and went back to making his speed trap.  Good job, Mr. Police Officer!

If only Toronto milonga organizers could hire the police to attend the milongas to protect the fragile, nascent, line of dance...we can bet you that Toronto navigation will instantly improve, and no one would need to take a single private class!  Too bad that the policing will cost $65 per hour - at that rate, Toronto milonga entradas will have to skyrocket upwards even faster than Buenos Aires inflation.  Oh well.

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Unknown said...

I think it's part of the police officer's job to protect animal being. Good job!

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