Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alberto Dassieu and Paulina Spinoso in Vancouver this weekend

Alberto and Paulina have been touring the West Coast this month - first in San Diego, then in San Francisco, and this weekend, they will be in Vancouver.

More details on their workshops and classes in Vancouver can be found at the El Centro website here.

Meanwhile, Mamborich has posted a video on Youtube of Alberto and Paulina dancing a D'Arienzo vals after a semi-private classe in Danville.  I like the more relaxed and intimate setting here - and of course, Alberto and Paulina are always superb:

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jessiechung said...

Hello Iren and Mang Yung,

We didn't make it to Albeto and Paulina's workshop. Dorian had a sinus infection and we had to miss the whole thing. Thank you for the link to the lovely video. Happy Chinese New Year!

Jessie and Dorian

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