Tuesday, May 5, 2009


....Nope, it's not us - unfortunately!

The "Awesome Toronto Blogger" is actually Neil Pasricha of "1000 Awesome Things". His blog just swept the Culture/Personal Blog award categories at the Webby Awards for the actual award itself as well as "People's Voice".

Here's a random selection of some of Neil's top 1000 Awesome Things:
The other 218 things (he's on #773 right now) are pretty cool too, most of them right in the "Gosh darn - why didn't I think of that first?" category. What's more, Neil's Toronto-oriented perspective makes his observations doubly - dare I say again, "AWESOME".

I wonder if Neil can be convinced to do a special on Toronto Tango? I'm pretty sure he'd be totally gobsmacked (well, we certainly were!) by things like:

- Mesmerizing Teacher to Student Ratios
- Intriguing Tango Cloning impulses
- The Unsolved Mystery of "Fabio"

Dear Neil: Why aim for "World Blog Domination" when you can aim for "Tango World Blog Domination"? Just think of all the lovely tango chicas who will be fawning over you in their 4-inch Comme Il Fauts!

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