Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Irene's "History and Origins of Follower's Adornment Techniques" - Part III


Well, this is not so much a "History and Origins" post but a complaint about one little adornment thing that Man Yung always wants me to do.

Man Yung suggests that when I walk forward, I should give a little enchanting kick backwards with my back foot. It is musical. It is charming. It is feminine. It is a lovely "surprise!" for onlookers and other couples on the dance floor. "It looks great! So many wonderful followers do it! YOU should do it!" he says, exasperated.

I say how about not.

It's not that I don't agree that it is not "charming", "feminine", "musical" and whatnot. Of course it is. Man Yung is never wrong.

But Man Yung my dear, please consider what material you are dealing with. Your better half is one of those poor pitiful individuals who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone WALK FORWARD AND SUDDENLY KICK BACKWARD SIMULTANEOUSLY TO 2x4 RHYTHM.

"But Irene," as so many of our gentle readers are muttering to themselves, "Your dancing is boring. You don't do anything. Watching you dance, we suspect that you are probably in the midst of taking a nap and catching a few zzzzzzzz's. No self-respecting Tanguera in this Golden Age of Youtube has any excuse not to add a few toe taps, hip shimmies, foot flicks, knee lifts and yes, unlead Back Boleos to express your own personal exuberance for the dance! All in all, where's your sass, and where's your class? You should at least try!"

Having been abandoned at an early age and raised by wolves - and thus never having learnt how to speak the Queen's English, to choose the proper kind of hat for every occasion, or even to cross my legs at the right kind of angle while partaking of high tea, I must admit I am quite at a disadvantage in terms of "sass and class"*. Alas, woe is me.

But there is still hope! It is common knowledge that even without a dash of "sass" or a dash of "class", unabashed self-promotion, a bevy of mediocre adornments and a creatively padded CV will do much to elevate one to "Tango Professional-ship", or even eventual "Tango World Domination"!

I'm well on my way to "Tango Follower Adornment Technique Glory" - all I have to do is fix my wonky brain-to-heel coordination and refine the focus on my backward propulsion with the following top-secret, tailor-made "Lady's Tango Week" women's technique exercises (If I didn't generously give them to you here they'll cost you at least $35.00 CAD per workshop! - Please, don't rush to thank me):

Right Leg Mule Kicks! Look at that perfect form!

Left Leg Mule Kicks! What astounding athleticism!

If only we could do this in the milonga - then we can propel ourselves backwards
under tables to avoid collisions!

...and PRESTO! I will be able to do what I've ALWAYS wanted to do on a crowded dance floor!:

* However, apparently some think it is "sassy" and "classy" to do this. Thank god I've never qualified for the Team! Go, Blog Swarm, Go!


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! The mule kick is exactly what it is!

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Yabotil,

I have been practicing diligently by back-kicking flower pots, fences and braying at the same time. Anytime now I will be a lethal weapon - to anyone within half metre distance right behind me!

Thanks for your comment,


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