Sunday, April 12, 2009

El Mundo de Tango - meet your WORLDCHAMPIONS!

This was so absolutely fantastic it left me completely speechless:

"Demonstration Worldchampions Argentine Tango "

Apparently everyone knows that Tango a la Valentino or Forever Tango is no longer "authentic" enough - to be true "WORLDCHAMPIONS" you've got to try harder than that.

Of course, you still have to have the traditional "TANGO SHOW!" stuff like complex lifts, kicks, dips, throws, reverse position, spins, dramatic poses,"I can see your underwear" sequined skirt WITH fringe, and Fred Astaire + Ginger Rogers footwork - otherwise how would you distract the audience from their dinner? But in terms of "keeping it street, dude!" - these WORLDCHAMPIONS went all out. It's like someone collected all the "conventional" wisdom (and Youtube video clips) of everything they thought was the real "Argentine Tango", put it in a Blendtec blender with a generous helping of Olympic-quality athletic skill and incredible dance talent - and VOILA!

JUST LOOK at all those "authentic" touches that they've crammed in:

1. Gavito leans
2. Colgadas and Volcadas (a contemporary must for "authentic" Argentine Tango - see any of the clips of "Argentine Tango" demonstrated in any of the reality tv dance shows)
3. "In your face!" Close embrace (interspaced with really, really "Hey Ma! No hands!" Open embrace)
4. Multiple sacadas and ganchos, and wow! some steps even look like parts of giros
5. Face dancing (sometimes they are so overcome with TANGO PASSION they look like they are reciting dramatic dialogue to each other)
6. Not just lambada, but AERIAL lambada (at 0:13 seconds)
7. Imitation four-inch high Comme Il Fauts

They've even included a "bonus" performance of "WORLDCHAMPION Argentine Tango Salon" starting from 3:21 in which there is slightly less lifting (but almost as much kicking) to a version of Hugo Diaz's "Milonga Triste" .... in which a sexy voice-over chanteuse clearly proceeds to have the BEST ORGASM EVER - perhaps even better than this one:

I think I'll have what the WORLDCHAMPIONS are having!

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Anonymous said...

Irene and Man Yung,

I have to agree that I, too, am speechless after seeing these world champions of tango. They did every kind of embrace imaginable and more steps than I could possibly count. That's the first tango music I've heard with groaning, which added so much.

This couple will surely be coming to Buenos Aires soon to perform. I can hardly wait to see them.


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