Friday, April 18, 2008

The Forbidden Dance!

WARNING: If you like to dance Tango like it is the Lambada, you are definitely going to be offended by this post. Close your eyes and cover your ears - DO NOT PROCEED. You have been warned.

I don't know what it's like in your community, but here in Toronto we have some gentlemen who have not quite relinquished the notion that the Tango is some kind of extreme "Forbidden Dance". For them, close embrace is just not quite close enough. Tango isn't tango unless there a lot of whole body rubbing, thrusting, humping...

"Wait a moment," said Man Yung. "What you are saying is that they are dancing Intercourse Style Tango."

Yep, folks, that's exactly what it is.

It has become so bad that one instructor felt that he had to publicly warn his beginner students (because inexperienced beginners - whether leaders OR followers - may be misled by what they see and get the wrong idea) that this is not appropriate. He added a word of advice to his student followers that if any gentleman insists on dancing with them in this way, no matter if the gentlemen in question has been dancing for years, or if he bills himself as a "master" or "instructor" or whatever, it is perfectly OK to say NO.

Unless, that is, you find public "humping" irresistible. And you won't mind telling your children that you conceived them with some "tango master" right on the dance floor in the middle of a milonga!

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