Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Gentleman

Came across this on one of my portable usb drives - it's a videoclip of me dancing Tango Salon with our Maestro and wonderful friend El Gallego Manolo after a class at Escuela Argentina de Tango in 2009:

After class with Martha and Manolo at Escuela Argentina de Tango, 2009

I used to cringe when I was watched it.  I screwed up so bad on some of the steps near the end! :-(

However my haircut was REALLY GOOD.  This was before my hair started to fall out from sheer frustration at having to learn to lead and not being able to do anything except turn to the left in endless circles.  And before I gained 15 lbs from homemade ice cream.  

After things like that one does not cringe anymore looking at one's past shitty dancing.  I am too busy admiring my lustrous hair and svelt figure in the video to cringe. 

"What I remember most about that video is that after you danced with Manolo, Manolo apologized for YOUR screw up!" said Man Yung.  "What a Gentleman!"

"Oh yeah, that's right!" I said, remembering.  Manolo is the epitome of a Gentleman.  He always makes sure that his jacket is buttoned when he gets up.  Opening doors for ladies.  Getting up from his seat and standing when someone is greeting him and kissing him hello.  His presence puts everyone at ease, he radiates confidence, courtesy, kindness and grace.

"Manolo is the perfect Gentleman, I agree.  Quite different from what I get from you!" I said to Man Yung.  "When I screw up following you, not only do you not apologize, you give me the evil eye!  And when YOU screw up following me, I apologize to you and you still give me the evil eye!"

"Ah, you know what they say," said Man Yung.  "Love means never having to say you are sorry!"*

*Yeah right! Love means I'M constantly apologizing.  And I've got dual British and Canadian citizenship which means I apologize at least 200% more! **

** Man Yung would like to say that since he is Cantonese Chinese Macho, he apologizes 200% less meaning there is a 400% apologizing deficit.  ***

*** He better treat me to a nice lunch and give me a foot massage because that's a reason for stabbing right there!


The Outpost said...

:) Brave and nice to do "social blogging" and share dance video.

Mango ice cream! My son, a mango fiend, is going to love that!

Did I miss video of you leading, Irene? Is there any? Do you ever get the: "Wow you're even better than some of the guys"? I'm still working on trying to take those in the spirit of the compliment which I think is intended.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Felicity,

Great to hear from you! Happy New Year!

I think that I may have posted a vid of me leading on Man Yung's Facebook but not on the blog. The cat rolling the watermelon(continuously to the left) pretty much sums it up. Yes, I have been complimented on being better than some guys but I wonder: "What guys?" and "Wow, those guys must be complete turds". It's nice of other followers to be encouraging though :-)

Thanks for your comment! All the best for 2018.


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