Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adela Galeazzi and Robert Segarra exhibitions at Maracaibo

Adela sent us an email with links to her recent performances with our friend Roberto Segarra at Maracaibo two Fridays ago.  The occasion:  THE 94th BIRTHDAY OF ROBERTO!

Roberto may be in his 90s but we swear he has more energy than both of us combined.  He still goes to milongas several nights a week and once he is there, he dances almost every tanda.  Whenever the music starts the heads of all milongueras swivel to look in his direction for a chance at cabeceo. 

Thank you to Adela for sharing the videos of these lovely performances of Tango and Vals with us!  Adela as always looks fabulous and her footwork is mesmerizing. 

Adela and Roberto dancing a Di Sarli Tango

Adela Roberto dancing a D'Arienzo Vals

The audience can't help applauding throughout the performances when Adela and Roberto fly in perfect sync with the cadence of the music.  Adela and Roberto dancing together is pure joy, pure emotion - PURE TANGO.

As Adela said in her email:

Es un orgullo haber compartido la pista con este caballero que tiene mucho camino genuino recorrido con el tango!


It is a pride to have shared the floor with this gentleman who has traveled a long way with genuine tango!

A note on Maracaibo - it is organized by Diego and Zoraida who organized the Mondays at Confiteria Ideal that we really enjoyed on our trip in May - lots of locals, traditional music, very milonguero atmosphere and changed the way we looked at Confiteria Ideal!  Maracaibo is held not too far away from Ideal at El Marabú at Maipu 365, a historic ballroom from the 1930s.  All our milonguero friends we talked to know about this famous venue and reminisce about the numerous Tango orchestras from the past who played there.  It has a very nice dance floor, when we are next in Buenos Aires we will definitely check out Diego and Zoraida's milonga there.

A note on the Hong Kong democracy protest - we have been glued to the tv and the internet for news on the latest developments on the protest.  We have been shocked and dismayed by the tactics of the Hong Kong government and the Puk-Gai Hum Ga Chan (this is the Cantonese swear word/curse/adjective meaning "Fall down dead in the street and whole family die" -  that's how strongly disgusted we are with this man-turd) Hong Kong Chief C.Y. Leung against the protestors - riot police, tear gas, and then sending in scores of Triad members masquerading as anti-demonstrators to beat up the students in Mong Kok.  If anyone has been following the news on the protest, the protestors are peaceful and anti-violence (they apologize to passerbys for the inconvenience caused and even clean up their trash at the protest sites!), there was no need to employ violence against them but hey, what can you expect from the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communists, who are a bunch of murderous thugs in concert with criminals.  

We wish that the protestors will be safe.  They have already achieved what was once unthought of in their brave stand for democratic rights for Hong Kong people.  We want to thank all those people who have talked to us or have reached out in Facebook supporting the protest.  Democracy for Hong Kong now!
Iconic symbol of Hong Kong's peaceful protest for democracy - umbrellas against Riot Police and tear gas.  The umbrellas are not weapons, they were used to deflect pepper spray.  This is called the "Umbrella Revolution"


Unknown said...

Thank you Irene for this wonderful blog, I've been totally mesmorized by all the wondering insights and dancing displayed by both the milongueros/ras and you two.
I'm in my 8th months of starting tango and I am very fortunate in the sense that I have managed to shield myself from the pitfalls of ganchos and flashy dancing/adornments from the beginning because of these wonderful insights. I wish you and manyung many more happy tango years to come, as well as keeping my fingers crossed that I am able to travel to b'aires in the near future to learn from the true masters.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Fiona,

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment to us! We wish you all the best on your wonderful Tango journey, and we hope you can make it to Buenos Aires soon.

Irene and Man Yung

Agy said...

Irene, you will be surprised by how many of my HK friends actually support the Government's action. Yes, you heard right. But I agree with the use of your language - he can rot in hell!

Irene and Man Yung said...

Hi Agy,

Yes it is sad how people close to you can have such very different viewpoints! My parents are secretly harbouring intense starstruck crushes on "Rot in hell" C.Y. just because they are alumnis of the same school, and I believe all the other people from their alumni association feel the same! We have been avoiding them so we don't have to disown them (and vice versa) if a political discussion turns into fisticuffs!

All the best to you and your family, will we see you in this part of the world anytime soon?


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