Saturday, September 27, 2014

We support the student democracy protestors in Hong Kong

25 years ago student protestors in Tiananmen Square asked government leaders to come out to dialogue about with the protestors about corruption in the Chinese government.  The communist government refused to talk, and instead of even contemplating change, they brought out soldiers with guns and tanks and suppressed the protestors with violence.

In Hong Kong right now, student protestors have already been on strike all week.  When the Chinese government took back Hong Kong in 1997, it was under the promise that universal suffrage will be implemented within 10 years. 

Not only was universal suffrage not implemented within the deadline, the Chinese government has been making all sorts of paper-thin, ridiculous excuses not to let the people of Hong Kong vote for their own leaders.  It's been 17 years ago, what about the promises?  Now the communists proclaim that they are giving Hong Kong democracy - but it is a farce, because voters can only vote only for candidates specially selected by the Chinese government for their loyalty to the Communist government.  This is complete bullshit.

The Hong Kong student protestors, including high school students who have joined the protest on Friday, gathered outside government buildings to ask Hong Kong chief C.Y. Leung to talk to them about this.  Of course the coward would not dare to come out to meet with the students.   He did what the communists always do - suppress protests with violence.  Out come the police with riot gear and pepper spray and students are beaten and arrested.

Here's a short report of this matter on Reuters:

Now they are using pepper spray and handcuffs - AGAINST HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS.  There is an "Occupy Central" protest planned for October 1st which the Communist government has threatened with bloodshed.  Will there be soldiers with tanks and guns again, against the peaceful people of Hong Kong?  Will this be a repeat of the Tiananmen Square Massacre? 

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