Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labour Day!  Can't believe that "summer holidays" are over.  It actually doesn't make any difference to us worker bees who don't have "summer vacations" like lucky teachers or students, but still, it feels like Labour Day always signals the end of a season - a season of more daylight hours, more sun, more sandals and light cool linen sundresses, more bbq...and more sweltering hot Milonga venues with no air conditioning (yuck).

We went to our local organic grocers today for a bit of food shopping (yes, they were open - they never take any holidays, not even New Year's or X'mas - they can do this because they mainly do "wholesale" and the business is family-run).  Our friendly local butcher took one look at me and said, "Irene, I think you are skinny enough!  You should start eating more ice cream!"

"Huh?" said Man Yung.

You see, he hasn't noticed at all that I've lost, like, 15 lbs!  All I did was cut out snacking (no ice cream, no cake or cookies, no candies, no chips), drink more water instead of sweetened drinks like juice or soda, start eating breakfast (was too lazy before to prepare it) and stop eating when I was full.  It took ten months, and now I can again fit into clothes I bought ten years ago! Yippee!

Man Yung scanned me suspiciously.  "You kind of look exactly the same to me," said Man Yung.

So I showed him a video we made during practice just one year ago:

I told you we can dance to weird "Non-Tango" music!  Man Yung had no idea beforehand that I would play Janis Joplin - this is the first and last time we have danced to her version of "Summertime".  Man Yung just went with the music - he didn't really care because he could dance to anything!  This is one of my most favourite improvisations by Man Yung

"Look at how chubby I was last September!" I said.  "If you still can't tell, just look at the video we made last Saturday:"

"Just look at the difference!  When we go to Buenos Aires Coca will notice right away, start worrying about my stick-insectedness, and will attempt to feed me so much home-cooked pasta every day I will immediately go up two sizes!"

"Hmmmmmmm - now that you've showed me the videos I can tell the difference," said Man Yung.  "When I see you all the time day in and day out, you look like the same old Irene to me!"*

*  A good thing!  That means that conversely, I can gain 500 lbs and Man Yung will not only not mind, he would think I was exactly the same!**

** Strangely enough, Man Yung ALWAYS notices when I am going even the slightest bit faster, or if my right elbow is sticking out, or if I am dragging my steps the slightest when we are dancing.  AND he will tell me right away - no sparing my feelings or waiting until we go home or whatever!  Super annoying!


Krasota said...

Irene, you look great! I was thinking to ask you about your secret at the milonga, but then decided it is not much appropriate for the venue :)

Huge difference, keep it that way!


Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Elena,

Thanks for the compliment! I think the trick is not to snack or drink sugary drinks, eat a healthy breakfast, and not go to sleep too soon after a meal - but I heard also that non-fat greek yogurt might have helped because the calcium binds itself to the fat in the food that you eat so you can't absorb it...

... But then again maybe in a few month's time I will have a rebound and gain all the weight I lost + another 50%! Luckily Man Yung won't notice!

See you at the milonga,


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