Sunday, June 3, 2012

Osvaldo and Coca everywhere! (April and May, 2012)

We called Osvaldo and Coca yesterday to see how they were.

"We're good, everything is good - except it's a little chilly here in Buenos Aires!"

We had just watched on Youtube several of their performances from April and May in a few milongas that we hadn't had a chance to go to yet.  We had to tell them about that.  They love it when someone puts their performances on the internet and they get a kick out of hearing that we got to watch it - they're in Buenos Aires, we're in Toronto - the miracle of the internet!

Here's Osvaldo and Coca in April at this place called: "Dominó":

Here's Osvaldo and Coca at "Lujos", apparently relocated (?) at Alsina 2540:

And last but not least, here's Osvaldo and Coca at this place called "El Mitico Atalanta":

They also dance to another tango and part of a milonga.  They never dance to only one!  I tell Coca that I admired that Osvaldo wore a red jacket, and Coca wore a matching red dress with red shoes.

We haven't been to Buenos Aires since last October - a short time, but already there seems to be massive changes - relocation of milongas, closing down of milongas, new milongas, etc. etc.  Will we still recognize the Buenos Aires milonga scene, will we still know where to go the next time we are there?

Luckily, we still have marvelous friends and teachers like Osvaldo and Coca.  They will also know where to direct us so we won't get "lost" - in all the different meanings of the word.

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