Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adela Galeazzi and Rino Biondi - Homenaje al Roberto Firpo at El Pial, 11/13/11

We only got to see Adela and Elba once at Leonesa during our recent trip to Buenos Aires in October (poor Man Yung starts to cry) but never fear!  Through the magic of internet, we get to experience more of Adela's exquisite dancing even though we are thousands of miles away in cold, dreary Toronto.

Adela just emailed us some videos of her performances with Rino Biondi at El Pial on November 13, 2011.  They danced a milonga and a canyengue in honour of the orchestra of Roberto Firpo - in these videos we can admire again Rino's musical, very milonguero style of dancing and Adela's effortless, cat-like grace and rapid footwork.  We have bumped into Rino at La Baldosa and La Nacional countless times over the past couple of years - a gentleman and a great guy.  We've seen photos of him at his classes in the magazines and he is surrounded by a big crowd of happy students. 

One thing that Rino and Adela have in common is the fact that they dance EVERY TANDA.  From the moment they step into the milonga to the moment they leave, they are dancing with all their milonguero and milonguera friends.  We've heard of dancers of certain currently trendy styles deliberately "Not Dancing" at milongas in order to conform some imaginary standard of authenticity or exclusivity.  I guess that's ok if you really don't want to dance, and the music doesn't move you (Come on!  Are you really that jaded that 99% of Tango music doesn't make you want to move your feet? Why are you dancing Tango then?), or you are totally tired, but don't refrain from dancing just because you think it will make you look cool and superior! Watching Rino and Adela in action at the milongas is forever a delight.  No putting on airs or sitting in the sidelines for them - if they can dance, THEY WILL DANCE.

I think this could be said of so many of the dancers we have met during our travels - Myriam Pincen, Susy Tilbe, Roberto Segarra, Osvaldo and Coca (yes, they would dance everything if Osvaldo's health was better), Elba Biscay, Marta Fama, Graciela Cano, Clely, Tete....and so many dancers we don't know the names of.  They love Tango, they belong to Tango, they would dance Tango all the time if they could. Watching the milongueros and milongueras dance you can feel how the compas moves them, what a beautiful and passionate thing it is for them (and anyone) to dance the Tango.


Adela and Rino dance to Firpo's "El Esquinazo"

Adela and Rino dance to Firpo's "La Eterna Milonga"


Tangocommuter said...

These are wonderful. Exactly that fine edge between flying and being very grounded! & that canyenue/tango style seems exactly right for the music. You can imagine that's how it was danced when Firpo himself was playing.

Thanks for drawing attention to these. I actually came across them a few weeks back - and didn't recognise Adela! Well, they are filmed from a distance, but I should have recognised those ankles!

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Tangocommuter,

We posted Adela dancing Canyengue with Rino a while back at Salon Canning - we asked Adela about it, and she said she had never danced Canyengue before that performance! For a great dancer like Adela following Canyengue is very natural, she enjoyed it a lot. It's great to get another opportunity to see them dance Canyengue again here at El Pial.

Thanks for your comment!

Irene and Man Yung

Elizabeth Brinton said...

Wonderful. I love Firpo but don't play it now when I DJ. Surprisingly. the Argentines in our community think it sounds too old fashioned!
The dancing here fits the music so well, and is so sweet and, O.K, old fashioned in the best possible way.

Irene and Man Yung said...

Hi Tangocommuter again, Hi Elizabeth,

We emailed Adela to let her know about your lovely comments and she was very happy that people out there are enjoying her videos. She likes very much too these interpretations of Firpo's music. She mentioned that she has just received the videos of her recent performance in Salon Canning - we'll post them up here once she sends us the link!

Thanks again,

Irene and Man Yung

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