Saturday, February 5, 2011

Every day they dance better

2xTango posted on Youtube this video of Osvaldo and Coca performing at Porteño y Bailarin on February 1, 2011:

Osvaldo and Coca dance to Orquesta Tipica Victor's "Carillon de la Merced" at Porteño y Bailarin", February 1, 2011

Osvaldo and Coca's exhibition was among the many that night by a spectacular line-up of tango luminaries such as Nito and Elba, Miguel Angel Zotto and Daiana Guspero, Ernesto Balmaceda and Stella Baez...and it was all done for benefit of the children's charity,

What caught our eye was the caption that 2xTango put beneath the video.  "This couple is like good wine, every day they dance better...."

2xTango concludes, "It is happiness to see them dance."  We agree.

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