Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Adela Galeazzi y Carlos "Cachito" Alcon - Homenaje al Anibal Troilo at the Circulo Apolo

The always wonderful and talented Adela Galeazzi just emailed us links to two of her recent performances on Youtube with Carlos "Cachito" Alcon:

Adela y "Cachito" bailan el tango "Guapeando" de Anibal Troilo

Adela y "Cachito" bailan la milonga "Mano Brava" de Anibal Troilo

We always look forward to having the opportunity to watch Adela's brilliant performances with her many different partners - for example Ruben Harymbat, Horacio Prestamo of Milonguisimo, Rino Biondi, and now Carlos "Cachito" Alcon. It's not only a treat to watch Adela but also the dancing of her partners, all of whom are superb leaders with distinctive personal styles whom we may not always get a chance to see outside of Buenos Aires. No matter what the leader's style is, Adela follows perfectly and puts her own unique stamp on the performance! Adela's performances makes us believe that there is nothing that Adela can't follow.

The really great followers have this versatility regardless of who is the leader, even if it he is not their regular partner. Think Milena Plebs dancing with Juan Carlos Copes, Fernando Galera, Julio Balmaceda and Chicho Frumboli; or Geraldine Paludi (formerly Rojas) with Gustavo Naveiras, Geraldo Portalea, Pupi Castello and Carlos Gavito. It could be close embrace, or open embrace; "nuevo" style, "milonguero" style, "salon" style, "stage" style, or "orillero" style - you won't see these ladies slamming on the brakes while dancing and stopping to nag and scold! Que Lindo - our thanks to Adela for the links to these videos!

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