Thursday, October 1, 2009

Martha and Manolo - news for October, 2009

Tango Canyengue - Martha and Manolo

Martha and Manolo just sent us this lovely photo of them which was attached to the Reuters article on Tango Therapy - the article has been posted in English on other blogs and websites but the spanish version is here:

Pacientes bailan al compas de la tango-terapia en Argentina

Martha and Manolo have been teaching and performing for the Tango Therapy program for several years now. It always gives them great joy to see how Tango has improved the lives and mental health of psychiatric patients.

Martha and Manolo are also having a very busy season teaching and performing. Recently they performed at La Viruta:

Martha and Manolo performing Milonga Fantasia at La Viruta

Apart from the La Viruta performance, Martha and Manolo also performed with a group of distinguished dancers of the older generation "Ronda de Milongueros: Los Federales" in Salon Canning on September 29.

As for classes, they sent us their schedule:

Our classes in September and October will be the same on Tuesday 17:30 and Saturdays 13:00 at La Escuela Argentina de Tango
Thursdays we will be teaching at La Salsera at Yatay 961
From October 9 to 13 we will be in Sao Paolo Brazil for a Festival
November we will go to Cordoba to give workshops

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