Friday, July 4, 2008

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Part I

Ever been in the situation where you're a guest having dinner at someone else's house, and then some other guest from across the table says something so offensive to you that you wish that you could have leapt up four feet upwards from your seat, traveled clear across the table in full flight from the propulsion force of your leap, and executed a perfect spinning back hook kick right into the face of the offender?

It was one of those times I wished that a) there were no laws against this kind of thing, b) I should have practiced jumping-kicking moves more when I was training full-time in the martial arts.

Unfortunately, I wasn't much of a jump-kicker back in those days. Kicking was fine, it was the jumping part that I sucked at. Little did I know that my lousy martial arts jump-kicking would actually foreshadow my lousy tango jump-kicking decades later! As much as I would love to emulate all my show-tango nuevo-tango "heroes" on YouTube (and much to the disappointment of Man Yung), I couldn't tango jump-kick for the life of me.

There goes all my dreams of finding my very own tango-niche of "Kara-te-ango!"

This also means my brittle old bones will not let me do any of this:

Valeria Solomonoff, a "TangoMujer"

What a pity.

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