Monday, April 28, 2008

Alberto Dassieu and Paulina Spinoso perform to Pugliese's "Seguime si Podes"

Alberto and Paulina was going to send us the DVD of their performance at La Milonguita back in February, but I'm glad they got their friend to post it onto the internet so we can see it today:

We took one look at this video and our jaws dropped to the floor. My goodness! What incredible musicality, what elegance! And just look at the way that Paulina follows - she matches Alberto perfectly in style and timing. All the pauses and silences, every lyrical phrase, every explosive acceleration in Pugliese's tango - perfectly expressed in Alberto's leading and Paulina's following. And all of this done without excess or any "tricks" - the technique is so perfect it can be laid completely bare and still be purely, incredibly beautiful.

Alberto's performances with Paulina have that kind of effect on us. This one we watched on the edge of our seats with bated breath. And their vals to Donato's "La Tapera" in New York made Man Yung cry.*

* Could you say that of anything you've seen on Cosmotango lately? No, wait a moment - of course some of the performances in Cosmotango made us cry. It made us cry about what the world is coming to - to have crap like that pass itself off as tango!

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