Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glorias Argentinas - Oscar Hector's 47th anniversary, with a performance by Toronto's Fabian and Roxana Belmonte!

This morning we got a surprise when we logged into Youtube - Fabian and Roxana Belmonte, internationally famous Tango maestros from Argentina based in Toronto, had sent us a message about a video they just posted of Oscar Hector's 47th radio anniversary at Glorias Argentinas!

During our recent trip, Oscar Hector and his sister Haydee Esther Malagrino had mentioned to us several times that this grand event was going to take place at Glorias Argentinas on October 27.  Unfortunately, that was the day for our return flight to Toronto - so we sadly missed it all.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that we could experience a bit of what we missed through Fabian and Roxana's "Tangodeoro" Youtube channel!

Oscar Hector's 47th Anniversary at Glorias Argentinas, October 27, 2010 - with a dazzling performance by Toronto's own Fabian and Roxana Belmonte!

In the video, there's performances from Lito and Lidia Filippini, Oscar Hector with Haydee and another lady (what an incredible follower), and of course, a dramatic and spectacular performance from Fabian and Roxana Belmonte.  Fabian and Roxana has strong ties to Club Glorias Argentinas.  They have been going to the milonga since they were kids and had the opportunity to learn from the legendary dancers from the golden age there.  If you have a chance to discover the many wonderful treasures on their Youtube channel, you can see vintage video footage of Fabian and Roxana with all the tango luminaries at Glorias, like this one of an unforgettable homage to El Cachafaz and Antonio Todaro - featuring El Cachafaz's partner, Carmencita Calderon:

Homage to El Cachafaz and Antonio Todario in Glorias Argentinas, 1994 - watch carefully for a much younger Oscar Hector and also, glimpses of Fabian and Roxana

Thanks Fabian and Roxana for letting us know about your video!  You can find more information on Fabian and Roxana on their website here.

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