Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tribute to Gavito at Porteño y Bailarin - June, 2013

We aren't in Buenos Aires.  We have spoken to our friends in Buenos Aires though - and we've been told that it is rather cold!  Hasn't stopped Osvaldo and Coca from attending the milongas though - even though in every recent photo we've seen of them on Facebook, they are wearing tons of layers and sweaters and scarves - and that is, when they are in the milongas! 

We check for their videos every week on Youtube - they aren't able to keep track of their own videos themselves, so we hunt the newest videos down and let them know what has been posted.  This week we were in for a treat - not only did we get to see Osvaldo and Coca's performance at the Gavito tribute at Porteño y Bailarin in June, we also got so see an absolutely stunning performance of milonga traspié from El Flaco Dany and the beautiful, amazing Elina Roldan.

This is a long video, including a heartfelt speech by El Flaco Dany for the occasion:

Did you notice Elina Roldan's footwork?  Her adornos are so delicate and effortless, it is like she is floating on air.  El Flaco Dany is great, but this is really the best performance we have seen from him so far.  Could it be because of the wonderful following of Elina Roldan?  We just want to say - INCREDIBLE!  Enjoy!

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