Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Meh" and the Mundial

We were going to post the actual video...except that we were suddenly overcome with an intense sensation of "Meh" (Now in Minty Wintergreen flavour!)

The newest winners have been announced!  Yippee!

I squinted at the computer screen.  "Wait a minute....they aren't very good."

Man Yung was flabbergasted.  "What do you mean, they aren't very good?  They are most excellent.  Look at how LOVING they are - with all the kissing and the hugging and tears of joy and GENUINE, LOVING EACH OTHER EMOTIONS and stuff.  You can't say that for a lot of the competitors.  Some are cooler than cucumbers, you know, visibly 'Not really that into each other but we'll stick it out anyway for the purposes of the competition'."

"IF "The Most LOVING Tango Dancers" equates to "The BEST Tango Dancers" in a competition, no doubt they will take the prize this year.  While "LOVING-NESS" is much desired and will enhance your Tango dancing, I'm afraid that that it is a mere 10%, ok, maybe 15% of your score - and more like an 'impression' thing rather than something that would actually give you points."

"So, smartypants - what makes you think they aren't that good?"

"Well, for one thing - they are going way too fast."

In fact, the woman was going so fast that in no less than two instances during their "victory dance", the man had to stop and modify his steps to contain all that speediness and make it "look" like they were "still" dancing with the music.

Man Yung frowned.  "Oh, they are just a tad fast because they are excited about their win and they are GENUINELY ENTHUSIASTIC."

"Okayyyyyyy...but look at all their other performances on Youtube - it has been happening all the time, and they hadn't won yet!"

I should have known that Man Yung would not be convinced.  In "La Casa of Irene and Man Yung", Man Yung wins all arguments!

"This only proves that the man loves his partner very much because he never gets angry about her and yells at her for going too fast, he just adjusts his own dancing to accommodate her speediness.  Yea for LOVE!"*

* And not only "Yea for LOVE!"  Man Yung is entranced with their magical leaping giros and is determined to learn them through the magic of Youtube!  "All it takes is a little time and practice and we, too, will be able to do these moves!"

I could hardly contain my enthusiasm.  "Yes, for sure we will be able to do these moves pronto pronto! - if I abandon all following to your leading altogether when we are doing the giros, and just gallop around you at a constant rapid speed irregardless of leading or the compas - then you can prance and kick and twirl with utter unbridled freedom in the middle irregardless of what I'm doing on the outside orbit!  Yea for CHOREOGRAPHY!"**

** Man Yung says, "Congratulations to them anyway!"  He isn't being sarcastic - they must have put a lot of time and effort into this.  "But, I like the winners from last year better."***

*** Irene says, "Meh".

(The above image is courtesy of Tulsa Tees which can be accessed here:
. Thanks!)


Unknown said...

Hi, we're the creator of the MEH postcard image you used to illustrate your blog post. Thanks - I am glad you liked it! Would you be so kind as to 1) include an image credit in your blog to Tulsa Tees, and 2) link the picture to the product page in our Zazzle shop? The URL is

Irene and Man Yung said...

Dear Tulsa Tees,

Thanks for pointing out to us and we have written a credit and link to your website in our post!

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