Sunday, August 19, 2012

Irene and Man Yung discuss navigation problems #1: Leading with your eyes closed

"Surely there must be some situations where a leader can dance with his eyes closed," said Man Yung.  "Like, for example, when he is totally overcome with the passionate emotions of the music."

I frowned.  "I don't agree.  If there are other couples around and/or if there are obstacles in the room creating a collision hazard - you know, like tables, chairs, lit candles, cactii, mirrors, walls etc. - a leader has to keep his eyes OPEN.  It's not just his own safety he has to think about, but also the safety of his partner and all the other dancing couples around him."

"So, only time a leader could close his eyes is if there are NO hazards.  Like, a large room, and no people or a few people around."

"Make that a HUGE room, preferably the size of a sports stadium, padded with foam on all sides like they have in insane asylums, with absolutely NO people around except the two of you dancing looney bins."

So sorry to burst Man Yung's bubble and all the bubbles of you eye-closing, don't know where you are headed, "Whoops I bumped into someone again!" Tangueros out there!  However, if you still want to experience the thrill of "eyes shut" activities, you can always try the following:

Blindfolded Piñata bashing:

Blindfolded Pin the Tail on the Donkey:

Blindfolded knife throwing:

And for the really advanced - The Blind leading the Blind!:

** Being a "milonguero" or "close embrace" dancer dancing really close and with teeny-weeny steps does not mean that you are less of a menace if you dance with your eyes closed - our previous ranting can be found here.

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