Friday, August 19, 2011

Osvaldo and Coca - 55 years of milonga and Emerald Wedding Anniversary at Porteño y Bailarin

This just in on Youtube:  Osvaldo and Coca performing to "Carillon de la Merced" at Porteño y Bailarin on the occasion of their Emerald Anniversary - to overwhelming and warm applause:

We are always so delighted when new videos of Osvaldo and Coca appear on Youtube - then we can call them and tell them about it!  You can call our communication methods a primitive form of Skype, heh.  It's hard to fanthom what 55 years together is like - we ourselves have been hanging out (on?) together for 18 years* but there's a long way to go to reach 55!  Will we be able to dance even half as well as Osvaldo and Coca when we reach our Emerald Anniversary?

Here's a compilation of all of the performances in tribute to Osvaldo and Coca on the same night:

What an exciting night!  We just realized, and it's kind of unbelievable, but we actually shared the stage once with Jorge Garcia and Susana Soar at La Baldosa and Daniel Nacchuchio and Cristina Sosa at Circulo Apolo.  Beautiful Buenos Aires, when will we see you and embrace all our dear friends again? 

* Man Yung asks: "Why, Irene, do you like mentioning that we are together 18 years all the time?  It doesn't matter the number of years so long we are together now!"  Ha ha Man Yung! You sound romantic but I know what's up...You always wink and tell people that it is "Time to change partners!"  When Osvaldo and Coca got interviewed with Practimilonguero, didn't Osvaldo say he wouldn't mind if Coca ran off with a rich man the next day?  I'm thinking - maybe we can find Man Yung a rich lady (after all, people are willing to pay in U.S. dollars to dance with Man Yung) and then he can share some of the riches with me so I could go and buy Lululemon's entire fall collection!  Win-win!

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