Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bad Poetry

I'm currently taking a writing course and the instructor told us to write an inspired poem in the style of Leonard Cohen's "Bird on a Wire".

My god.

I am not poet. I don't write poems. I am only an lowly and humble blogger of Tango.

I spent the whole night not sleeping and tearing my hair out about the assignment! And this is the unfortunate result:

Argentine Tango

Like a ding on the door of a brand new coupe,
Like a horsefly falling into haute French soup,
The nagging mediocrity of his perfect bourgeois life was most distressing.

Like a lunatic's vision of God,
Like the ecstasies induced in Pavlov's dogs,
appassionata of the acrobatic stage dancers made his heart sing.

Like the projectile bounty of cornucopia,
Like a five-day losing streak at Casinorama,
A fortune he expended to learn and know.

At times like the flapping of a chicken without its head,
And at other times like the rigid gyrations of the undead,
Alas! His dancing was only so-so.

(Some folks should just not dance the Argentine Tango)

After I inflicted this monstrosity on the unsuspecting class, everyone was in an uproar - and unanimously voted to kick me out.

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