Friday, April 16, 2010


Stumbling across new videos of Osvaldo and Coca performing in Buenos Aires, I was led to the Junando's blog on which was written the following:

El simple hecho de verlos emociona... empiezan su exhibición con un beso en los labios que emana ternura, ella le arregla la camisa y se funden en un Abrazo Mágico en el cual el Amor se nota, donde en sus rostros se ven sonrisas y nos regalan ese Tango Sencillo y Compadrito, ese Tango sin acrobacias, donde más que nunca puede observarse que el Tango es un Sentimiento que se baila.

Osvaldo nos llamaba Nenes y Nenas... y nos dió las gracias por prestarle atención e ir a ver bailar a dos "viejos", pero como no ir a ver bailar y compartir ese sentimiento con dos grandes que nos transmiten la esencia del Tango... Osvaldo nos llamó Nenes y Nenas, pero los niños eran ellos... sus sonrisas, su diversión y un final más que increíble con un vals maravilloso... lejos la mejor exhibición que he filmado en este poco tiempo y ojalá puedan ver en sus imagenes ese momento histórico, ese momento único que vivimos cuando unos niños grandes nos llamaron niños.

(Roughly and hastily) Translated:

The simple fact of seeing them moves us... they began their exhibition with a kiss on the lips that emanates tenderness, she fixes his shirt and they are in a magical embrace in which is written love, where in their faces smiles are seen and they give that Tango to us "Sencillo and Campadrito", that Tango without acrobatics, where more than ever it can be observed that Tango is a Feeling that is danced.

Osvaldo calls us his "babies"... and thanked us for paying them attention and for going to see two old ones dance, but why shouldn't we go and see these two great ones dance and share with us this feeling that transmits the essence of Tango... Osvaldo called us his "babies" but they were the children, their smiles, their playfulness and the incredible ending with a wonderful vals... by far the best exhibition that I have filmed in just this short time and hopefully you can see in these images that historical moment, that unique moment that we lived when great children called us children.

Osvaldo and Coca perform to Di Sarli's "El Cielo y Tu" at Milonga 10

All four videos can be found at Junando's Youtube website here.

We couldn't write it better than Junando - the way that Osvaldo and Coca and their dancing makes us feel, we are so overcome that we could not put it down in words. Man Yung is often reduced to tears, watching the "greats" like Osvaldo and Coca, Martha and Manolo, Alberto Dassieu dance with so much feeling, so much love, so much life...

One thing we have observed in Osvaldo and Coca and Martha and Manolo's group classes is that has been a steady increase in attendance at their classes by the younger generation of Argentinian tango dancers (yes, those in the sneakers who go to Villa Malcolm and Practica 8, and Milonga 10). Our teachers and others like them (the "old masters", to borrow a phrase from fellow blogger Tangocommuter's recent post) who are keeping tradition alive are planting the seeds of Tango's future... and it makes us happy, hopeful that the younger generation can sense it, can see and feel and be possessed by their example - and perhaps, despite great adversity, this Tango, this "feeling that is danced", can continue to live on...

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