Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Adela Galeazzi and Horacio Prestamo - Tango Performance at the reopening of Salon Canning, October 31, 2016

The fabulous milonguera Adela Galeazzi wrote a email to us to let us know about her recent performance at Salon Canning with well-known milonguero Horacio Prestamo.  It was lovely to see the video of her performing with Horacio, and wonderful to see the renovations to the venerable old dance hall too:

As Adela said:

Han re inaugurado el Salon Canning con reformas muy lindas, ya que han sacado la alfombra y colocado piso "damero" y pintando sus paredes, cambiando la barra y reformando baños.....en fin.....ha quedado "hermoso" con esta renovación!!!
They have reopened Salon Canning with beautiful renovations, they have removed the carpet and placed "checkerboard" floors, painted the walls, changed the bar and updated the washrooms...and still, kept the dance hall as handsome as before with the renovations!
We are always happy to hear from our friends in Buenos Aires and receive good news about them and the milongas we have gone to.  This year we were not able to take a trip to Buenos Aires, as we had to take care of our two very elderly and ailing cats and couldn't travel anywhere.  In fact, our beloved girl cat passed on peacefully a month ago.  We only have our ginger tom left, 18 years old - that's 88 years in cat years!  If our cat danced Tango, he'd dance it salon style with plenty of pauses.  He's a very calm fellow - and being calm (and therapeutic massage every day) is one of the secrets of longevity, I'm sure. 
We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017, with lots of great tangos!

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