Thursday, May 1, 2008

Road Trip

This is where we're going to be May 16, 17 and 18:

I know, we just spent time with them back at the beginning of March in Buenos Aires and it's been only 2 months.

However, with Tango Masters this great you can never spend enough time with them. And they don't have to even teach you anything - you can just sit there with them doing absolutely nothing and you will improve.

Too bad for all you "avid workshop takers" in Toronto who didn't take advantage of the opportunity when they taught here in Toronto FOR A WHOLE MONTH back in 2006. Do you prefer taking workshops with Daniel Trenner, Beatrix and Michael or the "Fabios" of this world instead because their flyers were more colourful and had some nice graphics and they promised to teach you something a little more "new-fangled"? Well then!

Meanwhile, here's a video of Martha and Manolo dancing in Italy to Donato's "El Adios".

I rest my case.

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toronto argentine tango associates inc said...

so beautiful. impeccable musicality. no need for showy stuff--just pure unadorned rich dancing!it brings tears to watch them!

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