Friday, May 2, 2008

Alberto Dassieu's take on Pugliese

We emailed Alberto Dassieu and his wife Paulina Spinoso this week to congratulate them on their performances at La Milonguita and also to ask him about his thoughts about dancing Pugliese. This is what he wrote back:

Para mí bailar Pugliese es como un nacer en ese instante. Siento las miradas de las personas que están sentadas alrededor y digo: esto es mío, se los doy. Es lo que siento adentro. Disfrútenlo, guárdenlo y si es posible distribúyanlo. De esa forma este estilo no morirá.

Translated: For me, to dance Pugliese is like to be born at that moment. I feel the looks of the people who are sitting all around and say: this is mine, and I give it to them. It is what I feel inside. Enjoy it, keep it and if possible, distribute it. In this form this style will not die.

For more on Alberto Dassieu's fascinating philosophy and thoughts on Tango, I have republished the interview I conducted with him for Paradiso's website last year right here on this website. The link for the full interview is here.

Links to their vals to Donato's "La Tapera" and tango to Pugliese's "Segiume si Podes" at La Milonguita are here and here.

(Many thanks to my dear friend Veronica for helping me with the translation!)


toronto argentine tango associates inc said...

The interview with Maestro Alberto Dassieu can also be viewed on the Paradiso blogsite;

toronto argentine tango associates inc said...

truly a dancer of extraordinary musicality! a joy to watch!

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