Sunday, January 3, 2016

New Year

Toronto's first extreme cold weather alert this season - temperatures are expected to plummet to -16 C tonight.  Winter has finally arrived in our city, after months of temperatures above zero, even above 10 C with sunshine and people out in shorts and t-shirts (what, are they crazy?)

What better way to enjoy chilly winter weather than in a cozy tango embrace?  Have been meaning to share this video for ages - DJ Erwin (our favourite Buenos Aires DJ) at Lo de Celia (our favourite Buenos Aires milonga) playing Orquesta Tipica Victor's Coqueta:

Watch how the crowd moves - as ONE.  Hypnotic harmony.  Something you can see in Buenos Aires milonga quite often where the level of dancing is high.  High as in calm, respectful and musical, not as in highly athletic kicks and daredevil spins!

We've been exchanging best wishes for the New Year with many of our tango friends.  Happy New Year, all the best, happiness, health, love, wealth, lots of tango etc.  We really mean it!  Happiness that isn't fleeting, but deep and profound contentment, lighting up all your days.  Health, energy and vigor, so you can enjoy and live your life to the fullest.  Wealth without compromising your dignity or sacrificing time with loved ones.  Love that is reciprocated and without heartbreak.  Lots of tango - without arguing (if you are with a partner) and without you knocking into people or people knocking into you at the milonga (that goes for everyone).

Happy 2016!

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